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“I live in Binh Thanh. Such a nice district, full of local people. Not so many expats living there. I feel like it’s the « Real Vietnam », it’s really authentic.”

What’s your name and where are you from ?

My name is Yasmina and I come from Aix-en-Provence, South of France.

Why did you come to Vietnam ?

I come here for my internship, in Sales and Marketing, at Vicgo, a company selling leather accessories. I wanted to do my internship abroad and I chose Vietnam for its culture and its economy, which is full of opportunities.

What do you like the most in Vietnam ? Why ?

All the food, bars, but mostly because of Vietnamese people. They are really welcoming, warmhearted and open-minded.

How long have you stayed here and when will you decide to come back to your country ?

I’ve been here for 4 months now, 3 months left. I actually have 2 months of internship left and the last one might be for traveling.

Do you think it is difficult to find a place to live in HCMC ?

Not at all. If you try to find it while being in France, it certainly is. But once you are here, it’s really easy, thanks to all the expats Facebook groups.

Where do you live right now in Saigon ? What do you think about your neigboorhood ?

I live in Binh Thanh. Such a nice district, full of local people. Not so many expats living there. I feel like it’s the « Real Vietnam », it’s really authentic.

What do you think about youth mobility now ? Is it easier compared to the generation of our parents ?

Nowadays, young people move a lot, since it’s easier compared to our parents. I think it’s especially easy for French young people.

Do you think in general, with digital evolution, home ownership is still a social standard for young people ?

Even if we move much more, I still believe that having our own place is a standard, that after moving from a place to another, we do need OUR place.

Can you tell us a little story about what has happened to you during your trip ?

Few days ago, I participated to a cooking show, Vietnamese Street Food. In fact, I met a Vietnamese friend here, who is a program editor for a Vietnamese channel. We met each other at a forum of languages, where you can talk with people from different origins. First he asked me if I like cooking, I was like « No I really hate cooking ! » and then he said « Oh I wanted to ask you if you want to participate to a cooking show » and I just said « Let’s do it ! » . But I thought it was a joke, I was so surprised when his assistant called me back two days later. That’s also what I really like about Vietnamese people, they always do what they say. Well, so in the next weeks, I’m going to appear on a famous Vietnamese channel in a cooking show !! I had so much fun doing it !

Can you describe Vietnam in one word ?


What is the biggest culture shock for you ?

I didn’t feel like there was any culture shock. Except the fact that everyone acts really slowly, both at work and in the daily life. I mean, it seems like they never feel stressful, they are always so relaxed ! And I think it rubbs off on me now.

Do you consider yourself as a global citizen ?

I think I’m quite a global citizen. I traveled a lot, especially during this trip to Asia. I’ve not only been in Vietnam, but I also went to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines.

What will be your next destination ?

China, because there are too many things to discover there and I really like the Chinese culture. Plus, it’s not really far from Vietnam, so it’s obvious that I’ll have to do it during my last month here !

Interviewed by Joanny, GlobeTrottr staff

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