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“I think there are so many places to discover in Vietnam and I think here is a very great country for expats coming and discover. Moreover, the location of this house is nice and very convenient because I live near the market so I can buy  vegetables and fruits everyday. The people here are very nice.”

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Bénédicte and I’m from France.

Why did you come to Vietnam?

I was first in China for 6 months and then I want to go to Vietnam to discover new country. And I really love Asia so I want to discover new one and to do the internship in Vietnam as well. I’m doing a 6 months internship in the company DichungTaxi which provides airport tranfers, intercity rides and tours in 40 cities and 20 airports of vietnam by private or shared taxi.

Is it difficult to find a job in Vietnam?

It depends on what are you looking for. But for me, i think it’s not difficult to looking for a sale position. There are many foreign businesses are looking for international people. Therefore, it was okay to find an internship in Vietnam.

What do you like the most in Vietnam? Why?

Ah… I love the food (smile). I discovered so many foods here and I love it. Moreover, I like to visit many nice places in Vietnam. I went to Danang during Tet holiday, then Hoi An, Hue,…I think there are so many places to discover in Vietnam and I think here is a very great country for expats coming and discover.

How long have you stayed here and when will you decide to come back to your country?

I’ve been here for about 3 weeks and I will stay here for 6 months to finish my internship. Then I will come back to France in August and finish my Master.

Do you think it is difficult to find a place to live in HCMC?

No. I think it’s really easy. I was really surprise because finding a place here is not so complicated. In HCMC, you can find a cheap room but it’s also nice just like my bedroom now, it’s cheaper compare to the others. Moreover, you can easy find a good place in many facebook groups, or websites such as Craiglists, Expat,….

Where do you live right now in Saigon? What do you think about your neighborhood?

I’m living Binh Thanh District, it’s near to District 1 and not so far from my workplace, so I like it. The neighborhood here are very cool and nice to me. I like them. Moreover, the location of this house is nice and very convenient because I live near the market so I can buy  vegetables and fruits everyday. Furthermore, it’s also near the Saigon Pearl Plaza so there is a cinema, supermarket, many stores,…. So yeah, for me, it’s really really convenient.

How do you handle all the bills payment, maintenance and reparation?

For now, I’m paying by cash for GlobeTrottr, all the bills are included in my month rent already and if there are many problem in this house, I will send an email to GlobeTrottr. By the way, I just opened a Vietnamese bank account to transfer the payment. I found a really easy bank just took me few minutes to have a bank account and it’s Timo bank. I can use this bank for 5 months, it’s more convenient for me if I have a bank account here.

Have you already experienced an agency like this during your travel?

No. I’ve never. This is my first time.

How was your experience?

Yeah. It’s very good. I visited a house with a French guy. It’s simple and easy because I told him what I was looking for and he showed me two houses. So yeah, it’s convenient to looking for a place especially that if you want to live with international people.

Can you tell us a little story about what has happened to you during your trip?

Oh yeah. I will not forget the first time I drive a scooter here. Haha. And I drove it in Danang. I decided to rent a scooter in Danang because I think it is convenient and nice to have a scooter and drive around the city. My friend taught me how to drive it and we decided to drive to Linh Ung Pagoda. As it was during Tet holiday, everybody went there to pray so that means the road was really crowded. The way to go there like we need to go up to the mountain and because this is the first time I drive scooter and the road was really crowded then I couldn’t control it; it was very heavy for me to carry and finally I fell down on the ground. But i’m still fine haha; nothing happened with me and I also reached to the Pagoda. Anyway, I won’t forget my first drive here.

Can you describe Vietnam in one word?

Oh. It’s quite hard to describe Vietnam in one word but I will try (haha). Let’s see. I will say SURPRISING. Yeah, I didn’t have any idea about Vietnam before coming here. But I just arrived and have experience about the scooter, discover many beautiful places here but people don’t know, many foods here are really really good. Moreover, the people here are very nice.

What is the biggest culture shock for you?

I was in China before coming here so it was okay for me everything because I’ve prepared for the culture shock. But I think the biggest culture shock for me here is still about the scooter.

What will be your next destination?

After Vietnam, I still not have any plan yet. But I really like Asia so I would like to go to Laos for travel when I finish my internship here.

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