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“I do like the food here and the people here. I do like the general mood of the city as well; it’s not really relax but you don’t feel stress which is nice; maybe people here can hide it well I don’t know. People here are way more polite”

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Aiste and I’m from Lithuania – a very small country in the North of Europe.

Why did you come to Vietnam?

Well, when I was travelling like everyone I guess, then I decided to come here and basically I’ve got a teaching job here. I did not plan to stay long but it seems like a very cool place to stay for a long period (smile).

Is it difficult to find a job/open a business in Vietnam in general? How did you do that?

No, I guess. But well, it depends. It’s not difficult to find a teaching job but anything else is quite difficult because foreigners don’t speak local language and I guess also because of the law. It’s a little bit more difficult to get anything else rather than teaching but it depends as well, some people do found it and everything is fine (smile).

I found my current job on Internet, mostly on Facebook I guess because there are a lot of information on Facebook and a lot of groups.

What do you like the most in Vietnam? Why?

I do like the food here and the people here. I do like the general mood of the city as well; it’s not really relax but you don’t feel stress which is nice; maybe people here can hide it well I don’t know. In Europe, you do have way more stressful situation rather than here even in my daily life, on the street everywhere. So people here are way more polite. 

How long have you stayed here and when will you decide to come back to your country?

I’ve been here for around 6-7 months already and I plan to stay for a little bit longer then maybe leave on September or November I guess. I will come back to my country ro see me family and my friends. Because this is the first time I’ve been away so far like this, like about 10 hours flight, so I miss them so much. In Europe, everything is just take a plane around 2 hours and here I could not go home whenever I want.

Do you think it is difficult to find a place to live in HCMC?

No, it’s not really difficult. I found an accommodation on Facebook.

Where do you live right now in Saigon? What do you think about your neighborhood?

I live in District 2 and do like this district. The neighborhood is nice and one thing is around here still under development so there are a lot of constructions and noise here. But it’s still fine, the layout is amazing

Can you tell us a little story about what has happened to you during your trip?

I think I have a very basic story like everyone else (smile). So yeah. Me and my friend came to Vietnam to travel. And there is a thing that I still want to travel to somewhere further but my friend already got a job on the first week to earn some money. And then in the few week, I did the same but I did not have a change to go up to the North, to Sapa which I really enjoy and I still feel that I did not explore Vietnam as much as I want. So yeah, after traveled other countries, we just randomly chose Vietnam and stop here. And we just stay here, I did not know anywhere else. So it’s quite nice to go somewhere else and see how the rest of Vietnam look like.

I just traveled a little bit around Vietnam, I went to downtown, went to the seaside in Vung Tau, Mui Ne. I did not see the middle; I would like to go to Da Lat, Da Nang – everyone keep telling me Da Nang is beautiful – and I think I rather go to Hanoi, Sapa than go to the middle.

Can you describe Vietnam in one word?

I think it’s BUSY. Everything is busy, the traffic, the food vendors, a lot of people and actions in Saigon.

What is the biggest culture shock for you?

The biggest culture shock will be the traffic. Just because everyone is in the way the same like we all speak English, we all see the same movie; so yeah it’s not actually shock for me. If I go to somewhere do not have Wifi, do not have Internet, do not have electricity,…then it’s gonna be a culture shock for me (haha).

What will be your next destination?

If i’m gonna travel, I will go to Malaysia but I think that the most realistic one is I’m gonna go home first.

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