Trip To Buon Me Thuot May 26/27/28 2017

Buôn Me Thuôt is the world capital of the coffee. Indeed, it is one of better species coffee in the world :robusta. BMT is located right at the heart of the central highland of Vietnam, 1300 km from Ha Noi, 500 km from Da Nang, and 350 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Lying on […]

Weekend in Vung Tau with Globetrottr

Vung Tau is often reffered as an easy way to escape the noise, dirt and heat of Saigon, as it is the closest city bordering the sea. Our team leaved town on Saturday morning and has been welcome by Trang, a dynamic and friendly organizer who allow people to camp on the beach 3km away from […]

The Private Island near Phu Cuoc

Somewhere off Phu Quoc is a privately owned island that, if you’re lucky enough, might just be open for a visit. Jesse Meadows discovered that despite the growing debris in the surrounding seas, here the water remains crystal clear. Photos by Trung Del   Hon Gam Ghi is an island south of Phu Quoc, surrounded by […]

10 Destinations in Vietnam to Visit in 2016

For a publication that celebrates the diversity of Vietnam, it has always been a frustration that people constantly visit the same places.   Yes, we genuinely love destinations such as Hoi An, Phu Quoc, Halong Bay and Sapa. When it comes to tourist-friendly delights, in the main they do a great job. But there is […]