Specialties In Vietnam That Horrify Visitors

Vietnam cuisine is diverse, abundant and attractive to international tourists, however there are some dishes that frighten tourists such as Trung Vit Lon (Duck embryos), Duong Dua (Coconut worms), snake wine and crispy fried insects. Let’s challenge your courage through the dishes below: 1 – Trung Vit Lon (Duck embryos) Trung Vit Lon is made […]

New Year’s Eve BBQ with Globetrottr

Just a moment after the busy new year’s eve celebrations of Saigon, Globetrottr organized a relaxed BBQ session in a quiet residential complex. Expats come to taste traditionnal Vietnamese cuisine and exchange with local people in a pleasant environment.   What is best but starting by a refreshing swim to enjoy better the heat of end […]


“Saigoneers often call Apartment Block at #47 Nguyen Hue street in District 1 as ‘Cafe Apartment Block’ since there are a large number of coffee shops here. It would be a real pity if you walked around Nguyen Hue pedestrian street without stepping inside this apartment block. The apartment block was actually a housing estate, but […]

Walking Saigon’s Alleyways

Saigon is a fascinating, vibrant and youthful city, but it’s not one that’s full of must-see tourist sights. To experience the best of Saigon, focus on its minutiae; the little details of this big city. There’s no better place to do this than in the tangled network of narrow alleyways that fill in the gaps […]

Saigon Motorbike Life – Artwork

“Here in Saigon, every time I make a step out on the street, I see someone’s back. Though I do not see their faces, but they all do bring me some endless inspirations…” Credits Art Director: Maxk Nguyễn Illustrator Artist: Trần Hữu Danh, Hiia Huỳnh, Phong Vo Animator: Tuanlinhtinh, Ghi Nguyễn, Hà Thanh Huy [mc4wp_form […]

The Stories Behind Saigon’s French Colonial Street Names

In its relatively young history, Saigon has undergone several makeovers: from quaint colonial town to grand capital of Cochinchina, major metropolis of southern Vietnam and now the buzzing economic hub it is today. Saigoneers can find ample evidence of these changes not only in the city’s architecture but also on its street signs.  Throughout the […]