Specialties In Vietnam That Horrify Visitors

Vietnam cuisine is diverse, abundant and attractive to international tourists, however there are some dishes that frighten tourists such as Trung Vit Lon (Duck embryos), Duong Dua (Coconut worms), snake wine and crispy fried insects. Let’s challenge your courage through the dishes below: 1 – Trung Vit Lon (Duck embryos) Trung Vit Lon is made […]

Weekend in Vung Tau with Globetrottr

Vung Tau is often reffered as an easy way to escape the noise, dirt and heat of Saigon, as it is the closest city bordering the sea. Our team leaved town on Saturday morning and has been welcome by Trang, a dynamic and friendly organizer who allow people to camp on the beach 3km away from […]

New Year’s Eve BBQ with Globetrottr

Just a moment after the busy new year’s eve celebrations of Saigon, Globetrottr organized a relaxed BBQ session in a quiet residential complex. Expats come to taste traditionnal Vietnamese cuisine and exchange with local people in a pleasant environment.   What is best but starting by a refreshing swim to enjoy better the heat of end […]

Saigon Motorbike Life – Artwork

“Here in Saigon, every time I make a step out on the street, I see someone’s back. Though I do not see their faces, but they all do bring me some endless inspirations…” Credits Art Director: Maxk Nguyễn Illustrator Artist: Trần Hữu Danh, Hiia Huỳnh, Phong Vo Animator: Tuanlinhtinh, Ghi Nguyễn, Hà Thanh Huy [mc4wp_form […]

Interview of Anaïs & Andrea – Expat Life

#GlobeTrottrProfile Thanks to both of you for taking the time to answer our questions and explaining your experiences ! Where are you from ? What are you doing here in Vietnam ? We are both living in Ile-de-France region near Paris ! We now know each other for a long time since we are in […]

10 Destinations in Vietnam to Visit in 2016

For a publication that celebrates the diversity of Vietnam, it has always been a frustration that people constantly visit the same places.   Yes, we genuinely love destinations such as Hoi An, Phu Quoc, Halong Bay and Sapa. When it comes to tourist-friendly delights, in the main they do a great job. But there is […]

Travel to Phu Yen

Even though Vietnam has a coastline literally thousands of kilometres long, finding unspoilt beaches is increasingly becoming a challenge.  Vu Ha Kim Vy goes in search in this article.   Ever since Vung Tau, Phan Thiet and even Nha Trang became full of tourists and concreted over, trying to find an unspoilt beach has been […]

What to do in District 3, Saigon ?

Have you been bored of shopping centers, crowded streets with vehicles and dust?  What is there to do in district 3 that differs from your daily routine? Let’s take below information as your reference to know more what should to do in district 3. Saigon-online makes sure that it is as interesting as in shopping centers. […]

[Photos] Rainy Season in Old Saigon

Oh, rain. Not five months ago, we were begging for a deluge to take away the insufferable heat of pre-rainy season. Today, we’d give a kidney to avoid having to drive – or worse, get off and push our motorbikes – down a flooded street during our evening commute. Rainy season is an annual excuse […]