Hẻm Gems: A Cuppa in Saigon’s Oldest Cafe

One of the first things Co Suong does when we sit down in the back of her tiny District 3 cafe is bring out the newspaper clippings. There are heaps of them, wrapped in plastic and passed to me carefully, one by one. She begins with the international write-ups, stories from Vietnamese newspapers and even […]

The Stories Behind Saigon’s French Colonial Street Names

In its relatively young history, Saigon has undergone several makeovers: from quaint colonial town to grand capital of Cochinchina, major metropolis of southern Vietnam and now the buzzing economic hub it is today. Saigoneers can find ample evidence of these changes not only in the city’s architecture but also on its street signs.  Throughout the […]

Travel to Phu Yen

Even though Vietnam has a coastline literally thousands of kilometres long, finding unspoilt beaches is increasingly becoming a challenge.  Vu Ha Kim Vy goes in search in this article.   Ever since Vung Tau, Phan Thiet and even Nha Trang became full of tourists and concreted over, trying to find an unspoilt beach has been […]

What to do in District 3, Saigon ?

Have you been bored of shopping centers, crowded streets with vehicles and dust?  What is there to do in district 3 that differs from your daily routine? Let’s take below information as your reference to know more what should to do in district 3. Saigon-online makes sure that it is as interesting as in shopping centers. […]

[Photos] Rainy Season in Old Saigon

Oh, rain. Not five months ago, we were begging for a deluge to take away the insufferable heat of pre-rainy season. Today, we’d give a kidney to avoid having to drive – or worse, get off and push our motorbikes – down a flooded street during our evening commute. Rainy season is an annual excuse […]


Cinema Cinema is a popular kind of entertainment for all ages. Ho Chi Minh City is home to hundreds of cinemas and theatres, with cinema and drama theatre revenue accounting for 60–70% of Vietnam’s total revenue in this industry. Nowadays, cinemas are very modern with image and sound effect system, 3D graphics application, and even […]

Interview Of Alex From France

#GlobeTrottrProfile INTERVIEW of @Alex. Thank you for your time, and we’re happy to hear you enjoyed experiencing GlobeTrottr!! 1. Where are you from? Alex: I’m from Normandy , France. 2. For what purpose do you come to Vietnam? Alex: I’m exchange student in University of Law 3. How long have you been here? Alex: I’ve […]

Save Ba Son

The history of Tan Cang port, Ba Son In the past, the port of Tan Cang, Ba Son and Nha Rong – Khanh Hoi (Saigon Port) served as “leverage” to promote the development and prosperity of urban Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. After the attack on Chi Hoa station, fully occupied Saigon – Gia […]

Etudier Le Droit À L’université D’Ho Chi Minh City

L’année d’étude à l’étranger devient un incontournable pour un étudiant en études supérieures. En revanche, dans le cadre des études de droit en France, il peut arriver que cela joue en la défaveur de l’étudiant dans la mesure où dans la majorité des universités étrangères, le droit français n‘est pas au programme de cette année. […]