Interview Jet

#GlobeTrottrProfile “The location of the house is kind of next to the busy street here but the environment still quiet. Therefore, you don’t have a lot of traffic here because the traffic here is really loud, so you don’t hear anything from the traffic and it’s really nice ” What’s your name and where are […]

Interview Nurjona

#GlobeTrottrProfile “Saigon has an energy with the positive things and a lots opportunities are waiting for you in every corner. Therefore, you need to go and explore it because it’s hiding somewhere in the city” What’s your name and where are you from? My name is Nurjona and I’m from Albania. Why did you come […]

Interview Bénédicte

#GlobeTrottrProfile “I think there are so many places to discover in Vietnam and I think here is a very great country for expats coming and discover. Moreover, the location of this house is nice and very convenient because I live near the market so I can buy  vegetables and fruits everyday. The people here are […]