GlobeTrottr is a network of shared living spaces where members immerse themselves in the culture of innovation by co-living with like-minded people for connections, collaboration, and fun. Our membership includes:

Our properties are large shared houses/buildings fully furnished around Saïgon. You can easily allign your private life and the life in collocation with people from all over the world. Don’t worry about normal houses maintenance, we’ve got it covered (fixe AC, Electricity, Water,…) ! All our houses have got : spacious ground floor where you can enjoy the big furnished kitchen for those who love to cook or just chill, nice rooftop to enjoy the view, the chill breeze of Saigon wind, enjoy relax time with open space after work and during the weekend  and large portail door behind which you can park many motorbikes. And of course, Internet on each floor !
If you are a student in Saïgon, international worker, or just here for a couple of months, we provide you houses without proof of revenue or agency fees. You just need to pay 2 months deposit that will be given back at the end of your contract, if all conditions of the contract are gathered.
If you cannot commit for the 12 Months Standard Contract, you can choose the Flexible Contract with only 2 weeks of deposit. On other hand, we charge an agency fee of 2 weeks of rent which could be reimbursed if you help us to find a replacement for your place.
If you have any problem, we are here to help you as much we can. Maids are included in our membership to clean common space area 3 times a week. We also have a network of partners like handyman to fix all houses problems in a short time.
We can provide assistant within our network to help you to find a job opportunity around Saïgon. Follow our Facebook page for more information.
With well established responsibilities and contracts, we are the intermediary between you and the property investors. You will not have to take care of complex administrative procedures that require normal real estate market in Saigon.
GlobeTrottr is not only a hosting service. We define ourself as a community of people who want to enjoying their time in Saïgon. We organize at least one meal/month in a typical restaurant around Saïgon It is the opportunity to meet our team as well as other GlobeTrottr members. We organize events around Saïgon which provide a lot of opportunity to share memorable time (Paintball, Beer Pong Tournament, Go Kart …). We also plan trips around Vietnam to discover the cultural variety of the country as well as interacting with a lot of people.
More than providing accommodation, we want to contribute in spreading positive atmosphere in the houses. Therefore, we give an allowance of 20 USD/house for a monthly dinner with your housemates.
We use to have very good atmosphere in our co-living space, just like with your family.

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It's more than living spaces, it's a community

By sharing a common space people benefit from each other’s perspective and create social bonding. Being part of an international share-house will lead a group to experience living together under the same roof, thus allowing people to enhance their language skills and cultural open mindedness.

Moreover, GlobeTrottr is also a connection of global citizens in Saigon and democratize expatriation by connecting expat needs to local offers. Therefore, Locals and Long-term Expats can help You settling in Saigon, finding a job and also discovering new destinations in Vietnam. Whether a place to stay, vehicle rent, driving license, visa or cultural experience, the community suggest a comfortable life with local blend in Vietnam.

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