Weekend in Vung Tau with Globetrottr

Vung Tau is often reffered as an easy way to escape the noise, dirt and heat of Saigon, as it is the closest city bordering the sea. Our team leaved town on Saturday morning and has been welcome by Trang, a dynamic and friendly organizer who allow people to camp on the beach 3km away from the city. On the first day all the team relaxed on the front beach, swam in the hot sea and tasted some local food: fish rolled in a rice paper with rice noodles and the inevitable fish sauce !


It was then time to prepare the tents for the night and light a camp fire for our evening of food tasting (again!)


On Sunday morning the team is getting ready to explore the city. Time to ride motorbikes to climb the moutain in order to reach the famous “Christ the King” of Vung Tau, and then later the Lighthouse allowing a magnificent panorama of the city and its arounds.




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