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“I think the most amazing thing in Vietnam: everyday is amazing! And it’s the people who make me feel that”

Thanks to you for taking time to answer our questions and explaining your experiences !

What’s your name ? Where are you from ?

My name is Aaron Moroney and I come from Ireland.

Why do you come to Vietnam?

Last year, I was travelling around Southeast Asia and I went to Thaïland, Laos, Cambodia, then Vietnam just seemed like the logical place to go next but I didn’t have enough money to finish my trip. So I went home, I worked for 8 months and just passed my degree before going back to Vietnam.

How long have you stayed here and when will you decide to come back to your country?

I’m been in Vietnam for almost 6 months now. When I decide to leave? (Aaron laughs) Well, I don’t know I have no idea. I mean I have so many different ideas but I just don’t know what I’m going to do. Life is pretty good here and I’m really enjoying it. So I’ll be here to Saigon for at least another 3 months. After I may travel into different country or I travel Vietnam again because you know I love it (Aaron laughs).

What do you like the most in Vietnam? Why?

I can’t pick out only one thing because I love this place a lot. So my favorite thing would be :
N°1 : Coffee
N°2 : mountain scenery
N°3 : People

Do you think it is difficult to find a place to live in HCMC?

Hmmm I wouldn’t say difficult. It took a little bit longer than what we thought (around 2 weeks). But once we found Globetrottr to be fair, he showed us this place, which was a perfect place for us (Aaron arrived in Saïgon with 2 other friends).

What do you think about young mobility now? Is it easier ?

Yeah, I mean definitely. I think people always want to travel. But I don’t think they have the means to do it years ago. Now we have the means to do it and especially, us westerners, because Southeast Asia is quite cheap. Also it’s definitely more accessible with technology and stuff because now we just search something on google, google map, or translate. It makes your trip easier and couple time ago it was a huge problem.
I also think that it’s really great how young people do like Erasmus program, study abroad, internship.

Can you tell us a little story which happens during your trip ?

(Look at the sky) Woaw, this one gonna be hard. I think I have a huge amount of stories which happened during my trip so I will just give you one example from today. It was a really simple thing. It wasn’t amazing but it shows you the friendliness of the people here. So I was just in town and I wanted to grab a coffee and a cigarette but I don’t have any lighter. So I talked to one guy.
– “Bạn có bật lửa không?” (“excuse me, do you have a lighter?” in vietnamese )
– “No sir I haven’t got any” and he ran next door to his friend’s place and ask everybody if they have a lighter.
After this I sat down next to him a couple of minute and we started a conversation in Vietnamese. The langage barrier was there. He wanted to know where I’m from, my age …
We had a great time. I think like there are obviously have so many things which happened to me in Vietnam. I did my probably best road trip in my life. I drove from Van Huet to Mui Ne and I had so much great moments with people on the road so I think the most amazing thing in Vietnam: everyday is amazing! And it’s the people who make me feel that !

Can you resume Vietnam in one word ?

Chaotic (Aaron laughs).

Interviewed by Corentin, GlobeTrottr staff

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