10 Days In Cambodia

You have holidays and you wanna discover an other country of the south of Asia ? Why don’t you travel in Cambodia ? My name is Chloe and I decided to spend my holidays over there, here is a summary of my trip, I am gonna share with you my experience as a backpacker, give […]

Teaching English In Vietnam

Whenever I run into someone in their twenties living in Vietnam I first guess they work as teachers. I’m usually correct. Westerners are pouring into this beautiful paradise in droves to take advantage of the English teacher life. In this article I will discuss why people teach in scenic Vietnam, and more importantly, how you can join the […]

Interview Of Axelle From France

#GlobeTrottrProfile INTERVIEW of @Axelle. Thank you for your time, and we’re happy to hear you enjoyed experiencing GlobeTrottr!! 1. Where are you from? Axelle: I’m from Valence, France. 2. For what purpose do you come to Vietnam? Axelle: It was because of my job. I’m working for a game company. 3. What makes you like […]

20 Vietnamese Dishes You Should Know

Bánh cuốn The bánh family includes a number of steamed rice cake-like dishes. So soft and delicate, my favorite was this bánh cuốn straight from the steamer. Our Intrepid Travel guide took us to a third-generation bánh cuốn master in Hanoi who mesmerized us with her skills. She ladled each scoop of the rice flour-based […]

Drink On The Cheap!

Hello to all our dear Globe Trottrs ! This article is addressed to you, little party animal, in an exchange program or young worker that just have landed in Ho Chi Minh to experience the Vietnamese (NIGHT) life. The first thing you should have noticed when you arrived, is that compared to your native country, […]