Interview Walter

#GlobeTrottrProfile “I threw the ball so hard that it hit a girl. I came to her to say sorry. She was so pretty, so we went to the side of the pitch to talk. We’ve never stopped talking until now, we’re married now!” What’s your name and where are you from? Hello, my name is […]

Interview Hannah

#GlobeTrottrProfile “It’s the best neighborhood we could really have. Seriously, it’s cheap, very local so what I for example don’t like even if I like District 1, is that you see some many foreigners and here we are like forced to have this contact with local culture, language… This is what I like!” What’s your […]

Interview Aaron

#GlobeTrottrProfile “I think the most amazing thing in Vietnam: everyday is amazing! And it’s the people who make me feel that” Thanks to you for taking time to answer our questions and explaining your experiences ! What’s your name ? Where are you from ? My name is Aaron Moroney and I come from Ireland. […]

Trip To Buon Me Thuot May 26/27/28 2017

Buôn Me Thuôt is the world capital of the coffee. Indeed, it is one of better species coffee in the world :robusta. BMT is located right at the heart of the central highland of Vietnam, 1300 km from Ha Noi, 500 km from Da Nang, and 350 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Lying on […]

Specialties In Vietnam That Horrify Visitors

Vietnam cuisine is diverse, abundant and attractive to international tourists, however there are some dishes that frighten tourists such as Trung Vit Lon (Duck embryos), Duong Dua (Coconut worms), snake wine and crispy fried insects. Let’s challenge your courage through the dishes below: 1 – Trung Vit Lon (Duck embryos) Trung Vit Lon is made […]

Saigon & Hanoi Among 10 Most Dynamic Cities in the World

For those Saigoneers stuck in traffic this week as they head to the airport on Tet holiday, just remember this while you’re trapped in the gridlock: Saigon is the second most dynamic city in the world, behind only India’s Bangalore. JLL, a financial and professional services firm, released its City Momentum Index just in time for […]

Weekend in Vung Tau with Globetrottr

Vung Tau is often reffered as an easy way to escape the noise, dirt and heat of Saigon, as it is the closest city bordering the sea. Our team leaved town on Saturday morning and has been welcome by Trang, a dynamic and friendly organizer who allow people to camp on the beach 3km away from […]

New Year’s Eve BBQ with Globetrottr

Just a moment after the busy new year’s eve celebrations of Saigon, Globetrottr organized a relaxed BBQ session in a quiet residential complex. Expats come to taste traditionnal Vietnamese cuisine and exchange with local people in a pleasant environment.   What is best but starting by a refreshing swim to enjoy better the heat of end […]