Interview Walter

#GlobeTrottrProfile “I threw the ball so hard that it hit a girl. I came to her to say sorry. She was so pretty, so we went to the side of the pitch to talk. We’ve never stopped talking until now, we’re married now!” What’s your name and where are you from? Hello, my name is […]

Interview Hannah

#GlobeTrottrProfile “It’s the best neighborhood we could really have. Seriously, it’s cheap, very local so what I for example don’t like even if I like District 1, is that you see some many foreigners and here we are like forced to have this contact with local culture, language… This is what I like!” What’s your […]

Interview Aaron

#GlobeTrottrProfile “I think the most amazing thing in Vietnam: everyday is amazing! And it’s the people who make me feel that” Thanks to you for taking time to answer our questions and explaining your experiences ! What’s your name ? Where are you from ? My name is Aaron Moroney and I come from Ireland. […]